Salix Fragilis is a 34-year-old painter, photographer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, author and short film director.

He is distilling from culture and human existance and putting together the essences of different forms of expression to generate art and knowledge of an understanding, spirit and regularity which is existing beyond categories.

1982: Born in Mürzzuschlag/Austria
2001: General qualification for university entrance in Mürzzuschlag/Austria (Economics)
2004: Diploma from College of Mediadesign in Krieglach/Austria (Graphic design, Webdesign, Photography, Layout, Film and Audio production)
2013: Primary resisdence in Germany
2014 – 2016: Various exhibitions in Germany, Austria and Italy

Resident in Burghausen, Germany
Art project SALIX FRAGILIS since 2007!

This is an old page and it will be removed soon.
Watch the new official website on www.juergenangeler.com
He is also owner of the company PE-Flow Coaching & Media!


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